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About FMC Agro Ltd. Crop Nutrition

Over more than three decades of practical field experience, coupled with working alongside leading independent research institutions around the world has helped the FMC Agro Ltd. Crop Nutrition range to evolve and today we offer a broad range of formulated products from relatively simple, yet high quality formulations to advanced formulations which has led to the creation of products that are greater than the sum of their parts.

The FMC Agro Ltd. Crop Nutrition range – World Class Products you can rely on.

Why Use FMC Agro Ltd. Crop Nutrition

The FMC Agro Ltd. Crop Nutrition range encompasses a broad range of formulations to meet our customer’s’ requirements, enabling the end user to choose the product which best satisfies their needs.

Product formulations are split into the following categories:

• Suspension concentrates (SC).
• Soluble liquids (SL).
• Dry flowables (DF).
• Novel/Proprietary formulations.

Each of the formulation types within the Crop Nutrition range offer their own unique
characteristics depending on the salt used to supply nutrients (e.g. nitrate or carbonate) and/or the co-formulants used.