Manganese 400

Manganese 400 is a ready to use soluble and suspension concentrate containing manganese for the correction of deficiency in a wide range of crops.
Most crops are sensitive to manganese levels, particularly cereals, vegetables, brassicas, root crops and fruit. Both high and low pH soils will suffer from manganese deficiency as well as chalky soils and recently ploughed-up grassland. Puffy soils may suffer from deficiency, as may heavily leached or poorly drained soils.

Manganese (Mn): 400 g/l (66g/l as nitrate and 334g/l as carbonate).
Soluble Liquid
Apply Manganese 400 at 1 l/ha. Repeat applications at 10 - 14 day intervals if required. Do not apply to protected crops. Use at least 200 litres of water per hectare. Increase the water volume as necessary for application to bush, cane or top fruit.
Cereals: Apply from the 3 leaf stage.
Oilseed rape: leaf and root brassicas, sugar beet: Apply from the 4-6 leaf stage.
Peas and beans: Apply from 4-6 fully expanded leaf stage with repeat treatments as required.
Potatoes: Apply from full emergence.
Grass: Apply when growth re-commences in the Spring.
Other crops: Apply when there is sufficient foliage present to retain the spray.

FMC Agro Ltd. recommends that soil and tissue analysis results are used whenever possible to guide micro and macronutrient applications to optimise crop nutrient status. Do not apply this product in very bright sunlight or in temperatures above 25°C. If possible, spray in the evening or early morning for best results.
Manganese 400 is a ready-to-use liquid containing manganese in nitrate and carbonate forms, formulated as a suspension concentrate, for correction of manganese deficiency in a wide range of crops. It contains an advanced surfactant/suspension system to ensure rapid and even dispersion in the spray tank and superior adhesive properties on foliage.


Product Compatible 2 Way Mix 3 Way Mix 4 Way Mix 5 Way Mix Info Comments
Manganese 400 Agroxone - - -  
Manganese 400 Optica - - -  
Manganese 400 Saxon - - -  
Manganese 400 Colstar - - -  
Manganese 400 Corbel - - -  
Manganese 400 Opus - - -  
Manganese 400 Proline - - -  
Manganese 400 Sahara - - -  
Manganese 400 Silvacur - - -  
Manganese 400 Instinct - - -  
Manganese 400 Bravo 500 - - -  
Manganese 400 Ally Max - - -  
Manganese 400 Harmony M SX - - -  
Manganese 400 Liquid Boron - - - Residue on the sieve
Manganese 400 Mycrobor - - -  
Manganese 400 Boron 15% - - - Sedimentation but it goes upon agitation- considered compatible. Only within 200 l/ha water.
Manganese 400 Bo-La Erase - - Tested at 1l of Manganese 400, 2l of Bo-La and 1l of Erase within 200l/ha of water. It is not compatible within 100l/ha of water.