Manganese/Zinc DF

Manganese/Zinc DF is a blend of manganese and zinc fully formulated to ensure maximum availability to the growing crop.

450 g/kg Sulphur (SO3), 240 g/kg Manganese (Mn), 60 g/kg Zinc (Zn)
Soluble powder.
Use 2.5 kg/ha in at least 200 litres of water. Repeat applications may be necessary as advised or recommended by analysis.
A soluble powder formulation of manganese and zinc.
Cereals from the 3 leaf stage up to second node detectable stage. For Autumn sown crops, an application prior to Winter dormancy is strongly recommended.
Other crops susceptible to manganese or zinc deficiency should be treated as early in the growing season as possible provided there is adequate leaf cover.
FMC Agro Ltd. recommends that soil and tissue analysis results are used whenever possible to guide micro and macronutrient applications to optimise crop nutrient status.
Do not apply this product in very bright sunlight or in temperatures above 25°C. If possible, spray in the evening or early morning for best results.


No compatability matrix for this product