Seamac Gold

Seamac Gold is a solution of natural extract of seaweed, rich in plant growth hormones such as cytokinins, gibberellins and auxins formulated with the three principal plant nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to supplement the plant's nutrient status at times of rapid growth.
When applied to a growing crop at the correct time, Seamac Gold provides a localised increase in hormone levels (particularly cytokinin) in the plant, stimulating its metabolism. This in turn encourages nutrient uptake, nitrogen metabolism and carbohydrate production which improves plant development and helps to optimise yield potential.

Ascophyllum based seaweed extract with 80 g/l nitrogen (N) + 88 g/l phosphorus (P2O5) + 62 g/l potassium (K2O).
Soluble liquid.
Cereals: Apply 3-5 l/ha, in the Autumn when the crop has achieved full ground cover. Repeat in the Spring at growth stage 30-31 and again (if required) in the Summer at full flag leaf emergence.
Oilseed rape: Apply 5 l/ha, at stem extension (30-40 cm high) and repeat as required up to the end of flowering.
Grassland pasture: Apply 5 l/ha, in Autumn and Spring during period of maximum growth. In drought conditions, spray immediately after rain has fallen.
Hay and silage: Apply 5 l/ha, when growth is maximum in the Spring. If reducing fertilizer inputs after the 1st cut, increase the rate to 12 l/ha.
Sugar beet, red beet, fodder beet, mangels: Apply 5 l/ha, when the crop has achieved full leaf cover. Repeat once or twice during the growing period as required.
Potatoes: Apply 5 l/ha, 2 weeks after emergence and repeat every 2 to 4 weeks until flowering.
Peas and beans: Apply 5 l/ha, 6 weeks after emergence. Repeat once if required, before the end of flowering.
Leaf brassicas: Apply 5 l/ha to developed leaves as active growth commences.
Do not apply this product in very bright sunlight or in temperatures above 25°C. If possible, spray in the evening or early morning for best results.
Seamac Gold is a solution of extracts of the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum formulated with soluble forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. It readily disperses in water for straightforward mixing and spraying. Seamac Gold provides essential micronutrients and NPK in a readily available form to help prevent any shortfalls from reducing yield or quality.


Product Compatible 2 Way Mix 3 Way Mix 4 Way Mix 5 Way Mix Info Comments
Seamac Gold metazachlor - - -  
Seamac Gold Root 66 - - -  
Seamac Gold Aztec - - -  
Seamac Gold carbendazim - - -  
Seamac Gold chlorothalonil - - -  
Seamac Gold fenpropidin - - -  
Seamac Gold fenpropimorph - - -  
Seamac Gold mancozeb - - -  
Seamac Gold metalaxyl + mancozeb - - -  
Seamac Gold phenmedipham - - -  
Seamac Gold prochloraz - - -  
Seamac Gold propiconazole - - -  
Seamac Gold Punch C - - -  
Seamac Gold Staff 500 - - -  
Seamac Gold Copper - - -  
Seamac Gold Jett - - -  
Seamac Gold Aztec oil - -  
Seamac Gold Boron 15% metalaxyl + mancozeb - -  
Seamac Gold Nativo - - -  
Seamac Gold Scala - - - Completely blocks the sieve not considered compatiable.
Seamac Gold Scala Dithianon WG - -  
Seamac Gold Riza - - -  
Seamac Gold Electis - - - The mixes foamed. Sedimentation but it goes upon agitation - considered compatible.
Seamac Gold Invader - - - The mixes foamed. Sedimentation but it goes upon agitation - considered compatible.
Seamac Gold Curzate M - - -  
Seamac Gold Complex - - - Sediment accumulates in the mix but disperses under moderate agitation
Seamac Gold Phoenix - - -  
Seamac Gold Carnival - - - Test carried out within 200 l/ha of water at 5 l/ha Seamac Gold and 10 l/ha Carnival