Javams Pro is a high concentration liquid micronutrient for correction of manganese, copper and zinc deficiencies in agricultural crops or application as a balanced maintenance treatment.

Z50 g/l Copper (Cu), 300g/l Manganese (Mn), 200g/l Zinc (Zn). Soluble liquid.
Soluble liquid
Apply 1.0 l/ha in at least 200 litres of water. Repeat if the deficiency is severe.
Javams Pro is a high concentration suspension formulated for rapid dispersion in water and trouble-free application. Its formulation is tolerant of a wide range of pH conditions and may be mixed with many other crop protection chemicals, including a number of materials which may be incompatible with other forms of manganese.
Javams Pro can be applied to crops whenever deficiency is observed or expected. Repeat if the deficiency is severe. Applications may commence after the three-leaf stage in cereals, and in other crops when sufficient foliage has developed to absorb the spray. Autumn sown crops will benefit from an application before the onset of winter. FMC Agro Ltd. that soil and tissue analysis results are used whenever possible to guide micro and macronutrient applications to optimise crop nutrient status. Do not apply this product in very bright sunlight or in temperatures above 25°C. If possible, spray in the evening or early morning for best results.


No compatability matrix for this product