Headland Intake is an agricultural wetting agent specially formulated for inclusion in tank mixes with a wide range of foliar-applied herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and plant growth regulators. It may also be used as an acidifier to optimise pH when water used for spraying is alkaline. Headland Intake contains a blend of organic acids and surface active agents and has been designed to achieve: Rapid foliar penetration, Improved wetting, Improved coverage, Optimisation of pH of spray water. Headland Intake should be used when rapid penetration of a pesticide is required and when slow growth, cold weather, or waxy leaf surfaces may reduce the efficacy of chemical applications. Post-emergence herbicides, wild-oat herbicides, systemic fungicides and insecticides, systemic total herbicides and plant growth regulators can all benefit from the use of Headland Intake when such conditions prevail.


A wetting and penetrating adjuvant specially formulated for mixing with approved pesticides, plant growth stimulants and micronutrients


40% w/w propionic acid


Soluble Liquid




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18 October 2011


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